Our Story

It all begin in 2013. Monielle realized that all the years of performing and working behind the scenes had unveiled a huge frustration amongst her peers: safe spaces for women were scarce.  There were resources available but often would require extra safety precautions, politics, or breaking the bank to afford quality help. Over the years, a vision to see women creating, supporting one another, and teaching their skills became the target. 

Thus, Sunday Recreation Music was born. 

What is it that we do? Our focus is to help up and coming artists who have a vision for their art and a passion to see it come alive. We want to help you get started. SundayRec currently works collaboratively with every independent artist on our team. That means we do not "sign" artists. We collaborate on projects and then we share our work with the world. We like to define ourselves as more of a collaborative arts company or support team, than a traditional music label. Walk with us as we share our stories! 

Hit us up, ask us anything!